In 2015 the Jacka Foundation awarded three postgraduate scholarships. All students are enrolled in the School of Health Sciences at RMIT University, which generously offered a 50:50 funding arrangement with JFNT. The recipients and their projects are:

  1. The Judy Jacka Scholarship for Doctoral Research was awarded to Dr Joy Hussein MD for a PhD project titled Repeated Sauna Therapy – investigating the benefits, risks, and potential mechanisms of action in terms of health, wellness, and its effects on bioaccumulated levels of environmental toxicants/ xenobiotics in humans using metabolomics analysis
  2. The Alf Jacka Postgraduate Research Scholarship was awarded to Ms Nicole Bijlsma for a Masters degree project titled Environmental Chemical Assessment in Clinical Practice: Uncloaking the elephant in the room.
  3. The Jacka Foundation Research Training Scholarship was awarded to Ms Lauren Burns for her project Investigating the effects of pesticides on human neurocognitive function and physiological performance. 

Applications for JFNT scholarships are currently closed. The next round of scholarships will be advised on this website when open for application.