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The Jacka Foundation of Natural Therapies (JFNT) was formed on 18 May 2010 after the sale of the organisation’s education business, the Southern School of Natural Therapies (SSNT), Fitzroy, Victoria, to Think Education.

The JFNT retained ownership of the premises from which the Southern School operates and gains income from rent and investment of funds derived from the sale of SSNT.

The JFNT is a not-for-profit company and charitable fund that aims to improve awareness, understanding and use of natural therapies within the Australian community and to improve the knowledge and educational base underpinning their use.

Key goals are:

  • Support appropriate research projectsinnaturaltherapies
  • Support activities directed towards gaining Australian government registration for naturopaths and western herbal medicinepractitioners
  • Support the development of educational in naturaltherapies
  • Promote activities that increase the understanding anduseofnaturaltherapies in the Australiancommunity

Members of the JFNT board include respected and experienced naturopaths and other professionals dedicated to promoting the causes of natural therapies in Australia

  The majority of Australians enjoy the ability to contribute to their own health and wellbeing. Natural therapies have had an important role to play and over time we have seen a growth in professionalism of the industry.

This has included greater scientific testing of raw materials, improved manufacturing, better clinical studies and stronger education and regulation. Australia is proud to be a leader in this field.

But where did this start and what role did
the Jacka Foundation of Natural Therapies play



SB Alfred Jacka

Founder of the Southern School of Natural Therapies (SSNT).

1961BirthoftheSSNT on6February1961.

Maurice Blackmore, founder of Blackmore’s Ltd, suggested Alf Jacka start a branch college of the National Association of Naturopaths in Victoria. TheCollegecommencedoperationatAlf Jacka’sbusyclinicinEastMelbourne.

InthefirstyearsofcollegelifeAlftaught fournightsperweek.


1969 Judy Jacka RN began her naturopathiccareer,enrollingatthe SouthernSchoolinFebruary1969.


1972 Judy Jacka became principal of the College and remained in this position until 1985, at which time she became Chairperson.


1974 Appointment of the Federal Committee for the Inquiry into Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Homeopathy and Naturopathy, known as the Webb Inquiry. There was no resulting change to the status of naturopathy and the profession ‘soldiered on’.



SB Judy Jacka1


Principal of SSNT 1972-1985

1970 As naturopathy became increasingly popular with the general public numerous State and Federal government inquiries took place in the 1970’s-80’s.

The first significant one was in 1974.

1971 The college remained privatised and was part of the clinic life of Jacka’s Centres.

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1984 Inquiry into Alternative Medicine

and the Health Food Industry by the Social Development Committee of the Victorian Parliament. This inquiry was the most thorough to date. The Chairperson’s report included some praise for the positive contribution natural therapies were making to Australian healthcare.

1989 The Therapeutic Goods Bill passed in Parliament but no registration of natural therapists was suggested.